Utah - City By City

This page represents the documentation for an objective of mine -- to visit
EVERY town and city in Utah. Of the 468 Utah towns and cities in Utah,
(sometimes not much more than just a named location with a few houses or ranches)
I have now visited and taken a picture of ALL of them.

Utah has 237 incorporated cities and towns, including three first class cities
(100,000 or more population: Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo), four second
class cities (65,000 to 99,999 population: Sandy, West Jordan, Orem, Ogden), seven
third class cities (30,000 to 64,999), 22 fourth class cities (10,000 to 29,999),
97 fifth class cities (1,000 to 9,999) and 104 towns (0-999). Utah's smallest
municipality in population is Ophir Town, in Tooele County, with 23 residents.

NOTE: Locations with '*' following the name are not listed as official towns
in the 2000 Utah State census which lists only 235 Utah towns and cities.

Locations with '**'following the name are not large enough to have there own ZIP code.
There are a total of 252 Utah towns and cities assigned at least one ZIP code.

Deseret News article - 7 Jaunary 2005

Salt Lake Tribune article - 31 March 2005

"Tribute to Utah" Video - September 2006

[Click on the name of a town or city to see a picture from that location]


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Utah - Ghost Towns

Ghost towns were once inhabited towns or communities but are now completely abandoned
and have at least one structure still standing.

Utah - Misc.

This section just represents named locations found on Utah maps.
In some cases, these locations may just be areas of a town/city with a distinct name,
an named industrial site, a railroad stop or may just be a point of interest.